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car hire san francisco airport

Season, rental car like its website nissan360.com more secure. Consumer Watch Watcher Julie Watts is here with a new law that - for the first

car hire san francisco airport, time - says rental car agencies can't let you drive off in an unsafe car. -

rachel's steering ability was lost, and they veered into on- coming traffic and hit an 18 wheeler head on. cally houck lost both her daughters in a recalled rental car. she says it was the last car on the lot, and the sisters were told it was an upgrade. even though it'd been

recalled a month before. and never fixed. - they killed my daughters so, for the last 5 years she's been lobbying the rental and used car industries. in hopes of saving countless others. - there is no rule that they cannot continue to rent recalled

cars at their discretion well today, a victory! a new federal law now prohibits any company. with more than 35 rental vehicles. to rent them until all open recalls or defects have been fixed. for the first time, this gives regulators the power to crack down on violators. -

- we really needed cally's voice in order to get the law changed. consumer advocate rosemary shahan says the rental car companies started out opposed to the bill, but eventually lent their support .. and were instrumental in getting it passed. but she says car dealers

are another story... so their work's not done yet... - - its already a violation of state law for dealers to rent, loan or sell an unsafe car whether it's under recall or not, but some dealers seem to think it's ok. shahan & houck say they're determined to get

all recalled cars fixed before they drive off any lot. hopeful that dealers will head the same direction. as rental car companies. - they've seen the light. the dealers, no the law also doesn't prevent "dealers" from lending you a

recalled loaner car that hasn't been fixed... so shahan suggests... requesting a rental car when you bring your car in for work. it also doesn't prevent dealers from selling a used car with open recalls... though some dealers argue customers are better off getting

recalls fixed themselves... because they must be taken to manufacturer service shops. now when it comes to car dealers, shahan says the federal law does not prevent them from selling you a used car with open recalls... or lending you a been fixed. she suggests

requesting a rental car instead of a dealer loner... when dropping off your own car to be fixed. ##### they give you... or the used cars they sell. and she says it doesn't prevent used car dealers. fcally ask for a rental car instead of a loaner.

because loaners may not be

car hire san francisco airport
covered by this federal law. one of the largest dealership manufacturer service shops. julie, thank you.

car hire turkey

people are getting ready to hit the road for thanksgiving.

car hire turkey, triple-a says more people than ever will be traveling

this week...and most of them will be driving. we want to make sure your car's in great shape for the roadtrip... so we sent

news 13's david romero to find some quick tips for you...he's live at the big i now...david ... well matt, there will be a lot of people

on the road this holiday weekend and you can expect the big i to remain busy. so a thorough inspection by a licensed

mechanic is the first critical step before you hit the road. it's very important because you want your car to make your trip, you want to feel comfortable with the

car making the trip and then getting back home. it's the one thing many may take for granted, just being able to jump in the car

and go. but with winter weather upon us in some areas, it's better safe than sorry here are some good tips to get your car in tip-

top shape. first off, make sure your coolant levels are good and can withstand temps to 30 below zero. what happens is when

you get down to zero or plus 10, that's how much water you have in there and if you get to a different state where it's really cold at night, it's going to freeze and your block is going to crack

because you have too much water in there and not enough anti- freeze it's not going to do you any good to see out of a dirty windshield,

check those fluids as well. if it's not good for 20 below, it will freeze when you spray it on your windshield the heart of the car - the battery - also

needs a check. make sure it's got plenty of acid in there, and check the date, make sure it's not too old of a battery fan belts are the next thing you want to

make sure are running. make sure there's no cracks, look on the backside for cracks on the frontside, if you have more than 10 cracks per inch, that's when the belt needs to

be replaced nat pop... changing tire you also want to make sure you have enough tread on your tires. if you can stick a penny in there

and see most of lincoln's face, it's time to get some new tires. one other key piece that the mechanics wanted us to pass along is

tire pressure is what your car's manual says it should be. even on a cold road, an under inflated tire can heat up and leave you with a

blow out. matt, back to you. thanks david. it's also a good idea to bring some blankets,

car hire turkey

water and snacks with

you...just in case you get

car hire trailer

hi! hey! i'm supposed to be in milwookie killing your husband. so why are you here? murder is wrong, sharon. but you're a hitman. nobody's perfect.

car hire trailer, was i cheating on you? maybe. i don't know how this keeps on happening. do i just suck? no do i just say... suck ball mcgee? you're just a work in progress, babe.

how did you do that? this is a lot of condoms. wow, you look great. excuse me, waiter. i'm on a date, and i like this girl.can we do this tomorrow? hey, did you have to finish your book on tape? no, sorry, i had to kill somebody in the parking lot. yeah, into it. why would anybody kill our guy publicly then?

he seems like a sexy rain man or something. thank you. you are fbi and you have been assigned a new target. he was one of the world's most notorious professional killers. he quit? no, he developed a moral code. he said he killed a guy in the parking lot, i thought he was joking. they still try to hire him, but now, he kills them. he kills the people who hire him?

is this guy done or...? just don't come out, just... this hole reverse-hitman thing is like... it's weird, i know. you're like, the greatest, and then you kill people! this guy's a supersonic psycho killer, right? just shoot him in the face. i've seen crackheads in brooklyn with better guns. get at out here.

is it bad? you look handsome. thanks. i think i'm in love with him, is that stupid? yes. hard yes. i just realized that i don't know his name.

car hire trailer

who, the mr. right? yeah, mr. right.

'' the end''

car hire townsville airport

tell us your name, who you are clinton aka cliff. i think it started off as clifton. as you can see, this isn't my first time on a plane. *laughs*

car hire townsville airport, i've done this before so i'm ready to go back the way i was about 3 hours a go. lion singing: all of the lights *chris imitating disco music*

disco. disco. disco. just received some new res denim gear. res denim are a melbourne based denim brand. and they've been sponsoring us for a while now. we got brand new gear for the band members and the crew for us to be able to rock on stage. l-fresh the lion & band performing the song "takeover (feat. mirrah)" how'd you feel man? awesome! i had a good set up. comfortable on stage.

smashed it. we killed it man. we love l-fresh the lion. wooooo! this is my tent backstage and look what i have inside. woah, woah woah. a sleeping dj. so i've just dropped off the hire car. i'm back at melbourne airport. we road tripped from... well actually, we flew in. 6am flight. picked up the van. drove in about one-and-a-half hours to two hours.

played a show. drove back one-and-a-half to two hours and dropped off the car so i'm walking back to the hotel now. everyone's probably chillin. i'm still out here working but i'm looking forward to my bed. it's been an eventful day bendigo. you're amazing. canberra tomorrow and then bunbury after that. tell us about the end of the day, man.

car hire townsville airport

exhausted it's um i don't even want to think about how long we've been awake for. yeah, it's the end of a very long day but a very good day, that's for sure.

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car hire to sydney airport

the nine no birds... well that'sinteresting. we had morning radio shows ring us up and say - well okay so whatdoes it mean? and they're trying to corner our staff. the staff doesn't even know! [chuckles] no it’s not a secret. it’s actually a bit anticlimactic. it's the whole thing of no frills. so if we can spend less,

car hire to sydney airport

we can charge less. we are cheaper and that's really the no birds...philosophy. it's come from our dad

car hire to sydney airport, who started it all. really it's just the way of mind for us. with hidden fees, we take a lot of pride in eliminating them from our process. we are as upfront as we possibly can, and you are not paying thousands of dollars if, you know, just bumped into a pole. the no birds... philosophy is – cheap, good cars. you can’t go wrong.

car hire to manchester airport

a new parking garage opens on clearwater beach but will it help ease congestion? with spring breakers headed to town some beach residents are

car hire to manchester airport, still concerned. news channel 8's jamel lanee' joins us now where this new garage is already being used.

jamal? reporter: it is. people are loving it already. but again like you said, it has opened up this morning and the rows are filling up. a lot of people are still wondering will this be enough space?

it's the newest addition to clearwater beach. the pelican walk parking garage is open for business. but not everyone close by sees it as an opportunity. looks much better than i had anticipated. i'm just hoping that it doesn't

create any problems. reporter: billy day owns the east shore resort across the street. he is not convinced this will solve issues on the beach or halt congestion. especially now on his street poinsettia avenue where his

hotel sits. it's here now. so we'll deal with the reality of it. the city needs to figure out how the traffic is going to flow. the question is everybody wants parking but how many people

want to pay for it? reporter: the lot used to be free until the city spent $11 million to build a garage. there are now 702 spaces that cost money. whenever you add parking spaces, that's going to alleviate some congestion.

but please understand when you are the most popular beach in the country, that there will be times that we just can't provide enough parking for everybody. reporter: mayor george says it is to help beach employees. the main reason for this

garage is to try to get our employees -- over 10,000 of them -- to use this facility. reporter: visitors are already living it. it's convenient but it was crazy. it was packed. we circled for five or six

times. decided to do something else. she saw the garage. reporter: what you're looking at are the daily rates but parking passes monthly -- monthly passes are available. the mayor did say eventually they want to look at getting

parking maybe by the marina or adding another parking garage somewhere else. those plans are nowhere in the near future. josh? but don't lose your ticket. 60 bucks.

car hire to manchester airport

now, spring break is here.

what other parking suggestions do tourists have? reporter: officials are

car hire to london heathrow

i'm jan.i used to work in tv and in theatre. i still love to keep up withall the latest trends, and go to the theatre and cinemaas often as i can. today, i'm going to meet a friendat a cinema at hyde park. i love travelling by taxis,they're easy and safe.

car hire to london heathrow, i've got a walking stick. -sure. no problem.-thank you. jan: taxis have facilitieswhich the driver will know how to use, which can help you make your journey.

there's an intermediate stepwhich can be fixed into place, and that means you don't have tostep so high to get into the taxi. and most taxis have a swivel seatwhich can be pulled out, so that you can step upand take a seat more easily. there's a handle there for you. jan: you can also use the colouredgrab handles to help keep you steady. lovely. thank you. and you'll be secure using the seat belt. thank you. that's great.

thanks. (engine starting) if you're a wheelchair user,taxis are also fully equipped to make sure that you can traveleasily and safely. in fact, all of london's 22,000 black cabscan accommodate wheelchair users. firstly, the seats inside can go up,making more space. and there's a ramp in the back of the taxiwhich extends. this is so it's easy to go upin your wheelchair. driver: are you comfortable?passenger: yeah. fine, thanks.

thank you. off we go. jan: if you're visually impaired, there are higher visibility seat panelsto help you. and you can always talk to the driverusing the intercom. driver, how long will it take usto get to the cinema? driver: about 10 minutes,depending on the traffic. -oh, that's great. thank you.-you're welcome. if you use a hearing aid,taxis are fitted with an induction loop system. remember, you don't have to pay any extrato take passengers or any luggage.

and you won't need to pay any extraif you travel with an assistance dog. if you're booking a private hire vehiclerather than a black cab, make sure that you check your vehiclewill cater for your needs when you book it. services like cabwise and findaride are helpful for finding vehicles near to you. if you're disabled and you wantto get out and enjoy the city,

car hire to london heathrow

you should feel confident aboutusing private hire vehicles and taxis. they have just the right facilities for you.

well, here we are at the cinemaand i brought my hanky because i believe this one'sa bit of a tear-jerker.

car hire san francisco airport

Season, rental car like its website nissan360.com more secure. Consumer Watch Watcher Julie Watts is here with a new law that - for the ...