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women's sexual desire

welcome back guys, um it's rue aka runic we're going to talk about everbody's favorite subject - sex. i haven't done oneof these in awhile. i haven't done a sexual saturday in awhile so i thought hey it's timeto talk about sex again. it's one of my favorite topics so queue the intro. [intro music plays]so today i just kinda wanted to talk about sex drive and a few other topics related towomen with a sex drive. i don't really have

women's sexual desire

notes today. i'm going to kinda be going offthe cuff. so bear with me i will try to keep my thoughts collected and without furtherado let's discuss us some sex. by the way, if you have never been to this channel before.if you are new i would love it if you could give this video a like and subscribe. i wouldlove to have you. it would mean a lot! i do

a sexual video every now and then. i'm veryfree in my discussing about my sexuality and my body. i love discussing women's sexuality.i think it's very important that we be comfortable with our bodies. i love discussing it on behalfof women. i love hearing from other women. if you're a guy that's okay too. i'm gladto have you. so if you don't know i just turned thirty last week and i wanted to kind of talkabout like a high sex drive as it relates to being thirty but the thing about me isthat i have always had a sex drive. i think that's something a little bit difficult toadmit as a woman. and i wanted to talk about my sex drive as a thirty year old. i'm startingto research if women reach their sexual peak at thirty. and i wanted to kind of expandeven more into that because even though i

have a high sex drive now i've actually alwayshad a high sex drive for as long as i can remember. i still think to this day womenare supposed to be cloistered into this realm of virtue. you've got vice, virtue women stillto some degree are expected to have a sense of virtue in order to be respected as individuals.and so i just wanted to come out and say no i have a sex drive, i have always had a sexdrive and it has always been a high sex drive. even as soon as i hit puberty i had a reallyhigh sex drive. i wanted sex, i started being sexually active when i was seventeen yearsand i always felt kind of uncomfortable because in media and tv, in sitcoms the woman wasalways like this cold fish. when i was younger we didn't have stuff like sex and the city.i came from a very sheltered home, a very

christian home, a very conservative home andsex was not really a realm that women women were supposed to control for themselves. itwas for producing a child. it was for pleasing a male. and it wasn't until i got older thati started being really comfortable with myself and my sexuality and who i was. and i thinkthat's really unfortunate that it's very accepted early on for a male to have sex where as ifa woman is exposed to start having sex at a younger age they may be like a social's sad that that still happens. so i just think it's really important to talk aboutthat. so one thing i found interesting is that when i decided to do this video i wantedto research if it was true that woman reach their sexual peak when they turn thirty yearsold. because i do find myself increasingly

wanting sex, um feeling very connected tothe act of sex. i have sexual dreams way more frequently than i ever have in my life. andi wanted to research it. is this really science is this a myth that i've always heard? andhonestly i couldn't find a whole lot of conclusive evidence. so a lot of what i read is maybehormonal, it may be also that women just feel extremely comfortable with their bodies atthis age. which i think is true! i think by time you hit thirty years old usually you'restarting to go okay this is my body. this is my body. and you know your body. you knowyour body on a diet. you know your body off a diet. you know your body on the gym. youknow your body on certain foods. you know when your body's gonna start it's know... you know your body. you know what

arouses, you what doesn't and usually aroundthat age. maybe it takes you longer, maybe it takes you sooner. but i just felt thatwas unfortunate that women are not really able to come into their sexuality until theyare in their thirties because they spend the first decade feeling really uncomfortable.and i know as far as between me and my girlfriends, that's something we talk about that it it'staken us awhile to feel comfortable and to go you know what? fuck it! this is what iwanna wear, this is what i wanna do, this is how i wanna be. and kind of take ownershipof that. because it really does feel like if you have a sex drive early on in life itcan really kind of ruin your life as a woman. to me the biggest taboo about sexuality isnot whether or not you want to have sex, not

whether or not you're having sex but whetheror not you're having sex as ethically as possible. meaning - are you using protection? are youbeing responsible? are you being truthful? to me those are the real tenets of a propersexuality. so i guess this is kind of a quick video i just kind of wanted to talk aboutthat as i hit this milestone of thirty. and like i said i hadn't really done a sexualsaturday type of video with you guys in awhile and i wanted to do that. it's one of my favoritethings to talk about. and i guess just to wrap it up too i wanted to say you know ifyou do know some body that has a high sex drive, if you do know some body who's sexuallyactive and they are a woman, especially a young woman i think it's really importantto embrace that as long as they are being

ethical and safe and responsible. i mean it's2016 and i think it's extremely attractive when someone is comfortable with their significantother, being sexual, being happy, being who they are. i think that it's so gratifyingwhen you finally get people and they have their guard down and they're talking to you,actually confiding in you about part of their lives. i think that's great. i think moreand more we need to talk about women's sexuality and like what pleases women and to approachour sexuality in a way that makes us happy not in a way that we are expected to be. sofor me i would say that my sex drive has definitely risen as i've gotten older but it was alwaysthere. and i think sex is important. um, and that's i guess another myth that i wantedto dispel is that women are these cold fish.

they don't think sex is important. and thatis absolutely, in my opinion, not true. there are men that don't think sex is important,there are women that don't think sex is important. that was something i learned in my youth too.some of my girlfriends would be like my boyfriend's not really that sexually active. i think youngermillennials are going to increasingly see this as a problem in their relationships aspeople become more addicted to porn, have more access to porn, take care of it themselves.i have run into that myself. i dated somebody for awhile that had a porn addiction. thatreally affected our relationship because he would rather look at porn than have sex withme. and as somebody with a high sex drive that was not going to happen. i might actuallygo ahead and talk about that in another video.

how porn addiction affected my relationshipin the past, dating some body who was long term addict to porn. so i think that's goingto be something we increasingly see. and i've heard it from my girlfriends where they'vehad issues with people that were addict to porn or they are dating men that are not assexually active as they. eventually we're gonna see this myth that women are these coldfish that don't really marry for sex kind of fade off. and i'm not talking about peoplewith children. i don't have children. i'm not speaking from that perspective. i don'tknow how that effects things so bear with me on that regard. and i tell you guys allthe time i have to talk about my perspective. so i think that's kind of a myth that's beingslowly debunked. and i think it's great it's

being debunked because i think women havea sexuality, i think they have pressure from society that impedes who they are sexuallywhich just isn't okay. that's how i feel about it. that's all i can think to say. i wantedto make this quick video. say hi to you guys. have more than two videos this week sincei'm going out of the country next week and videos might be sporadic but you can bet yourass there's gonna be some cool videos from london, paris, amsterdam. so stick with methere's exciting things happening on this channel. thumbs up if you'd like to see morevideos like this and go ahead and subscribe

women's sexual desire,if you'd like to see more videos like this.i really want to talk more about this subject and let me know in the comments if you guyshave any suggestions. hope you guys have a

great night. i make videos at least twicea week, ever week and i will see you guys next time. mwah! bye guys, i will see youagain soon.

urge for sex

so you know, ithink that there's few things more primal thanthe urge to communicate, the pull towards intimacy,towards merger with the other, a way of almostsmashing, or isolating, and debilitating senseof individuation.

urge for sex

we feel so separate fromeverything and everyone, so alienated from ourselvesand from other people. and this urge to communicate--or as terence mckenna says, this urge to language--is an ecstatic activity

of signification. it is a way of saying weare here and we exist. it is a way of affirmingour own existence. and through these developingcommunication technologies that started with crudegrunts as early hominids that evolved into language andecstatic cave paintings that eventually evolved intothe alphabet and writing, it was this urge to telepathy,to experience a technologically mediated telepathy,to share minds,

to share mind spaceswith one another; and this is known bydavid [? porish ?] as intersubjectivity and theecstasy of communication. intersubjectivity, like twostrands of dna, human beings, get coiled up in oneanother when they have sex, when they proclaim theirlove with language, when they take pictures and makeecstatic paintings and compose songs to put each otherin one another's world. perhaps the cinema isthe best technology

thus far to allow us toshare dream spaces together. but this urge tomerge ultimately is about a desire for intimacy. it's a cry. it's a manic,existential agitation, a desire to become one.

urge for sex,that is its origin. that is where it comes from. we are travelers,[? hermonauts, ?] in search

that, that is our condition.

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sexuality women

have you been feeling hot flashes lately?maybe you're a little bit moody? maybe you look in the mirror and you don't look likeyourself anymore. not like you used to when you were younger. hi, i'm virginia intelisano,a registered mental health intern with the state of florida, and i'm here to talk toyou about why women lose their libido. stress is one of the factors as to why women losetheir libido. stress can come from all different

sexuality women

areas in your life. if you are a mother andif you're a wife or holding a job, you can have stress from many different directions.that's why taking care of yourself with good diet and exercise to relieve that stress isimportant. also, older women experience hormonal changes. this comes with mood swings. thiscomes with fatigue, this comes with hot flashes.

as an older woman, we can go and see a doctorto relieve some of these issues. i spoke to

sexuality women,you a little bit about why women lose theirsex drive. now, if you have any other questions, i suggest that you go contact a local mentalhealth professional, or a doctor in your area to help you with this. believe me, your safetyand your sanity is imperative. have a great day.

sexual psychology of men

to talk about female desire we need to startby talking about one major misconception, a seemingly scientific theory that most ofus have bought into and that is the idea that while men are genetically programmed to spreadtheir limitless seed and be promiscuous that women by contrast are genetically programmed,evolutionary scripted to seek out one good man, seek out one good provider, seek outcloseness and constancy and so that at least

sexual psychology of men

relatively speaking by this theory women aresomewhat better suited to monogamy, have a sex drive that’s a bit less raw, a bit lessanimalistic than male libido. that dates back to the early 90s. i went back and looked atthose original academic papers that sort of put that into our consciousness, via the mediathat sort of grasped onto this theory in the

90s. those papers have very, very little substanceto them. they have a lot of circular reasoning. they have very little substantive proof. andi think we as a culture latched onto them because we’re eager to have simple theoriesto explain who we are, especially when it comes to gender. but we need to move on nowbecause all the research and all the researchers that i’ve spent time with now over the lastdecade are really taking us in another direction showing us something very different aboutfemale desire, something that’s much more driven, much more like we used to considermale desire to be. a force that’s full of agency and that’s not that old relativelypassive conception that we for the most part have been clinging to.

so let’s go into some labs. so meredithchivers, a canadian researcher, who i spent a lot of time with tries to look past whatculture teaches us and look at something more immediate. so she puts women in front of pornographicscenes or has them listen to erotic scenarios and measures their response in two ways. oneshe gives them a keypad. they can rate their own subjective response. am i turned on? ami not? to what degree am i turned on? secondly she’s got a little device called a plethysmographwhich measures the body’s response. and what we’re talking about just to get technicalfor a second is a little sort of glassine tube that measures blood flow in the interestingly over and over again what women say they want via the keypad or whatthey say turns them on contrasts with what

this little device called the plethysmographsays about bodily response. to give you one example scenario with a super hunky handsomeclose friend as the potential erotic partner versus scenario with the super hunky handsometotal stranger as the erotic partner consistently women say i’ll go with the close friend.consistently women’s bodies say i’m getting very, very turned on, the plethysmograph readingsare soaring in response to the stranger. what does this tell us? can the little device calledthe plethysmograph say everything there is to be said about desire? absolutely no, itcannot. there’s all kinds of complexity here. but at the very least it tells us astory that stands in contrast to the story we’ve been told by evolutionary psychologistswhich is what women really want sexually speaking

is that one good man, the intimacy drivenrelationship, et cetera. this stands in total contrast to that it asks us to question thoseold stories and that’s what researchers are doing now over and over. and that’spartly because the field has become increasingly filled with female researchers and so they’reable to see in a different more searching way into their subject. so that brings us to the very complicatedand loaded subject of monogamy. we as a culture have a ton invested in monogamy. it’s thekind of social glue. and i think we all if we’re honest with ourselves have some levelof conscious or unconscious fear that if we really toss monogamy aside our society wouldkind of come apart, you know. it’s still

even though we’ve begun to question monogamyi think seriously as culture it still defines our romantic dreams, it defines what we thinkwe should be as parents. we should be part of a monogamous couple. it just defines anideal for us. and it’s very convenient. it’s very soothing, calming that we’vetold ourselves this story that while man may be animalistic and anarchic when it comesto sexuality, women are again by comparison fairly well suited to monogamy. they can serveas that coherent force. nice for society. nice, of course, for men. i get to think thatmy partner is all about me even though i might

sexual psychology of men,in coming to, you know, speak today have checkedout any number of women as i made my way down the street. it’s so calming for me. buttoo calming i would say, too convenient. socially

speaking too convenient for men. women aredrawn to the novel and that makes monogamy just as much of a problem sexually speakingfor women as it is for men.

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sexual females

optimal radical tumor excision is the maingoal of bladder cancer surgeries. anterior pelvic extenteration is often synonymof radical cystectomy in woman, including removal of bladder, urethra, ovaries, fallopiantubes, uterus and part of the vagina. such a demolitive surgery has dramatic implicationson patient’s life style. however, preservation of the gynecologic organseither partially or totally is possible in

sexual females

selected women with bladder cancer.sexual sparing rc combined with an orthotopic neobladder should always offered to sexualactive, relatively young woman affected by low stage clinical localized muscle invasivebladder cancer (t2b, n0,m0 or less), unifocal tumor away from bladder base/trigonum andwith free internal genital organs.

we report the technique of robot assisted radical cystectomy in female with preservationof genital organs. the abdominal access is obtained in a blindblade-less technique and a 3 robotic arm-configuration is is mandatory to identify the ureter at its crossing with iliac-vessels in order todetect the proximal limit of dissection and to avoid unpleasant injury. dissection start along common and externaliliac artery psoas muscle and genitofemural nerve are identified.this represents the later border of dissection.

the distal limit is then reached and the cloquetlymphnode removed. the circumflex vein is spared.triangle of marseille, and emerging of lymphatic tissue from pelvic floor is exposed by detachingiliac vessel from psoas muscle. this procedure will avoid tearing of tissue and unpleasantbleeding. at the end of the procedure the hypogastricvessels ramification and bladder pedicle are easily understandable and the cystectomy canbe easily started. adequate periureteral tissue is preserved.ureters are carefully dissected down to the uretero-vesical junction at level of uterineartery crossing. ureters are divided between two hem-o-lokclips provided with stay sutures.

the distal ureteric margin is sent bilaterallyfor frozen section. analogous procedure is performed contralateraly.vascular pedicles are sealed and sectioned with aid of articulable vessel sealing forceps. peritoneum is incised and space between the uterus and the bladder dissected.a vaginal-spatula facilitates dissection along the vaginal wall. the anterior vagina is opened, and the plane between the vagina and the bladder developed.a limited portion of anterior vaginal-wall close to the trigone is resected en-bloc withthe bladder 1 cm above the bladder neck. dissection is performed along the antero-lateralparavaginal plane, no further dorsal than the 2 or 10 o'clock position, in an attemptto preserve the paravaginal fibers passing

to the urethra. bladder is taken down with monopolar cautery. the urethra is identified and dissected.bladder catheter is removed and a hemo-lok clip is placed to avoid tumor spillage beforeurethra transection. retrieval bag is inserted through the vaginaopening and bladder removed under vision. vagina is then closed in two continuous layers.the final view shows uterus, cervix and vagina, intact infundibulo pelvic and broad ligamentand uterine and vaginal artery. in conclusion sexual sparing cystectomy performedwith orthototopic neobladder offer intact

sexual females,body image, lower decrease of sexual functionand normal voiding function.

those elements play extremely importnat roleon patient's psychology, sexuality and potential fertility.robotic surgery is the perfect tool to perform such a complex minimally invasive technique.

sexual desires of a woman

if this is what you want mm, come to daddy. maybe you don't want that, maybe somethinglike that. or you just want a man to really want you,then you are in the right place. my name is adam lodolce, founder of,where i help the 21st century woman create

sexual desires of a woman

a love life that she absolutely loves. i'mgonna teach you exactly how to make any man want you. keep watching. now, desire is a really trick thing and sometimesyou really want a man so badly but you aren't sure how to make him really want you.

so here are 3 very potent and powerful strategiesthat will make any man's heart melt, including mine. so don't do this to me, because ihave a girlfriend. 1. the first one is the use of physical contact. by touching someone you're creating actuallya lot of sexual anticipation as well as it carries with it an added level of emotionalconnection in a relationship. little fun fact, but non human primates suchas monkeys actually spend as much as 10 to 20% of their entire day just grooming eachother, just touching each other. so to put this into perspective, we spendan average of 20% of our day texting, email, browsing the web, going on facebook.

what about youtube? leave youtube outta this. my point is, imagine if we spent even a fractionof that time through physical contact. guys would be pretty pumped, i think you'd probablybe pretty pumped yourself. listen, men are simply primates. we're all just primates.and we crave having that touch of a woman, so put down your ******* phone and go toucha dude. but not his **** unless you're in a committedrelationship. make him work to get that type of touch. 2. number two is be social. and if you'renot in a committed relationship, be out there meeting other guys.

there's a lot of research out there thatshows that the fear of loss of losing something is greater than the desire to gain if he feels that he might lose you to someone else, he'll be much more likely to wantyou. in economics this is actually called loss aversion. basically what it's saying is that if ilost 100 dollars i'd be much more upset than i would be psyched if someone gave me100 dollars. so what does this mean for your dating life? no, don't pay men to be your boyfriend. no matter how lonely you get, don't everhire a gigolo.

what i'm actually saying is that there needsto be a potential to lose you. if he knows that you'll always want him, you'll alwaysbe there for him no matter what, through thick and thin, no matter what he does, even ifhe treats you like crap, then he's not going to act. he's not going to want to committo you, he's gonna go find someone who he needs to work for, who he needs to investhis emotion and his energy and his resources into. that's the type of person he's reallygonna want to commit to because he's not going to want to lose that person. if he knows that you're out there dating,maybe meeting other people, he'll be so much more likely to lock that shit down

and i'm not telling you to play games. youshould actually get out there, meet other people as well, because you're not in acommitted relationship. so go out there, meet other guys. because who knows, you might justfind someone better anyways who really wants to commit to you. 3. finally, be a little mysterious if you're on a first date, you do not haveto tell him your life story. so then, oh my god, when i turned 9 youwon't believe what happened. a little mystery will keep him engaged andinterested in the conversation, and he's gonna wanna solve that mysterious puzzle thatis you.

and, as always, don't forget to exude thatincredible happiness in your life whether you're with him or without him. becauseif you're fun, if you're happy, if you're positive without him being in your life, he'sgoing to want to bring you into his life because being around you will always be an incredibleexperience. so if you're really ready to make a manwant you and to connect with him on a deep level, go ahead and head on over to sexyconfidence.comor you can click on this link right here where you're gonna join my email list and youcan get all this incredible goodies where i'm gonna teach you about emotional attraction,how to meet men, how to connection with them, how to flirt with them, and teach you theinner workings of the male mind. and you can

go ahead and click this right here, you candownload an ebook, and you're gonna get these types of videos emailed to you on aregular basis. and also if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like on youtube. thatreally helps me out a lot. i really appreciate

sexual desires of a woman,that. also, don't forget to subscribe onyoutube if you're not subscribed already. and, finally, if you have a friend who reallyneeds to hear this message, don't forget to share this with her. go ahead email itto her, send it to her on facebook. thank you so much for watching, i'll speak toyou soon. bye bye.

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sex wo

well, hello there, young man i would like one glass of lemonade, please also provide hajar jahanam but, of course, good looking stranger. that will be seventy five cents. oh, dear, it seems i do not have any money at the moment.

sex wo
oh, no, how will you ever pay for your glass of lemonade? oh<i think we could come to another arrangement. (music) (laugh), it's so gross.

hey, someone being using my razer cause it has more hair in it right now than i have on my whole body. i'm looking at you skipper. holy *, oh god, oh, no no no, where did you get this? i told you girls to stay away from the box in the bottom of my secret cupboard saying do not touch, this is private it'll scar you for life! it's on the internet, barbie. what?

barbie, you can't label something 'do not touch, this is private. it will scar you for a life' and not expect to get looted and released to the media. it was in my secret cupboard which is labelled with secret cupboard. who would do this to me? no, no, you know what? whatever. leaked sex tapes are responsible for countless

career resurgences, kim kardashian, paris hilton, screech from 'saved by the bell'. i am on the up, baby. but let's just keep this from your dad, ok? you know how he gets he'll tell us not to panic and then he'll panic. barbie, i used your razor yesterday, because my chest was...oh my god,

what is that? why are the children looking at it... don't panic. i'm panicking. ken, calm down, it's just a leaked sex tape, no biggie. oh no this so bad, which one? is the one with the avocadoes and the leather pantsuit or the one with the superglue and the guinea pig? i think it's the one with the jug of sangria and the dirty linen hamper.

mother of goodness, no. is it on the news? sure is dad, tmz, cnn, oh look buzzfeed already has an article entitled '18 creative uses of common household objects we learned from the barbie and ken sex tape'. apparently, numbers 4 and 11 might shock me.

barbie, if this is public, it means yasmin is going to find out about our affair. oh s**t. no, it's fine, we can just pretend it's an old tape that we filmed before we broke up. no such luck barbie i can see the lucky charms leprechaun tattoo that you got on your butt this year. damn me and how drunk i got on st patrick's day!

what are we going to do? about what? oh my god, where did you come from? well, originally cleveland. ooh...what are you guys looking at? nothing... the computer is broken, and the girls were just leaving. actually, we were just watching...finish that sentence and i'll finish your life! barbie trying to fix the computer, because you know, she is a computer engineer.

ok, bye now. run! guys, run! oh, my world, yasmin, you are just the person i wanted to see. i um... i think i lost an earring under the couch earlier. i need you to look for it. you need me to look for it? yes, you specifically. i don't know

why i stop asking questions, i need my earring! look for it now. ok! oh god! what we are gonna do? we'll just have to keep away from all news sources until this whole thing blows over, the internet, newspapers, tv, other people, all of them! how long will that be? barbie, i can't see under the couch, it's too dark. oh my god, you are so unresourceful,

use the damn torch from my phone, and don't come back until you have my earring. we distract her for as long as it takes, ok? just keep thinking of activities we can do with her. the things that take a long time, the longer, the better. i didn't find your earring, barbie. it's funny you should lose an earring since you been wearing the same pair of earrings since i met you. eh. semantics.

oh, look barbie, you just get a text from your mama, she says, 'i just saw the news, you disgusting whore!' what news did she see? uhh..probably something about global warming, she is very environmentally inclined. and why she call you a whore? because i'm a whore. oh. ok, well, i should be going home now. no!

you can't leave. yet, because we were planing to ask you to help us to clean my car. what? yes, my car needs cleaning. all 25 of them do in fact. what a fun group activity that will probably take three, four, five hours or so. yay!

you guys are excited by stupid things. oh my goodness, barbie, you gonna get rid out of some your cars, why you gotta have so many? it's a little bit a way of displaying my immense wealth, but mostly, it's to fill the emptiness in my soul. ok, well, that was the last one. that was the last one? damn!

why don't you have more cars barbie? ok, this was fun, but i'm going to go home. no (repeated), you can't go yet, because we were just about to bake a cake. so it's a three hundred plus step french recipe that took the chef that created it ten years to perfect.

plus the use of his right arm and sixty percent of his vision. how long will it take us? i don't know. it could a few hours. could take all night, could take the next few days, how good is that! i don't know, i do have some things i meant to be doing. well, you'd better cancel them, because after we finish this, we're going to sort out my

handbag collection. oh, my dear yeezus, and i thought you had too many cars. now, barbie, do you want this handbags sorted by color? size? or frequency of use? what a good question ken. i think we should trial all all of those different ways and then i'll make a decision

as to which way i like best. that will take such a long time. yes, it will. barbie, i'm super sleepy. can we do your handbags another day? no, no! we can't. barbie, we can't keep her here forever, just let her go home for the night. think about it, ken,

if she goes home, she will turn on her car radio, she'll hear the news headlines, she'll check her computer, her phone, she'll listen to her answering machine filled with commiserations from her friends over the situation, she'll drive pass the billboards. billboards? billboards! you don't want to me to go home because of billboards?

i don't want you to go home because we are having a slumber party. ya? yes, we are! and you know what the best slumber party activity is? what? sleeping while we keep a close eye on you. oh, fun! i can't do this anymore, barbie.

i'm so tired. can't we take shifts? no, we got in this mess together, we are gonna deal with it together. but i'm running out of ideas of how to keep her distracted. well, we are just gonna have to get creative. morning, yasmin! we're so glad you're up. we are going to build a house of cards. we've got

1,752 decks of cards to use. and the rules are if a card falls over, you knock the whole thing down, and you start again. yay! look, yasmin 100,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of the vatican city.

it's to scale. (music) big finish, guys. if you wanna be my lover (sing). i can't sing any more karaoke, i'm losing my voice. oh come on, just a few more songs. a couple more. like another 50ish we 'll just sing for the rest of the day, ok?

ok, it's settled then. good idea, yasmin! oh, oh, ken's favorite. oh it's ken's favorite. yasmin, we're excited to present you a play that we have written in your honor. it's entitled 'karbie and ben's unfortunate incident'.

it's a 10 hour epic, so i hope you've peed already. listen, i gonna call my friends and tell them i haven't seen them in four days because i'm still at the world's longest slumber party. no phones in the theater!! okay here we go, and begin. hello, ben. hello karbie. what are you doing?

i am just reading this large book of shakespearean sonnets. gee, i would love you if you would read them out loud to me. ok, i will. starting with page one. it's been a week, barbie, a week! we haven't slept in a week. how is our sex tape still the

biggest news headline. we're just too damn great at sex, the world is eating it up. we can't go on like this. you're right. what we need to do is to get her sent away somewhere where she doesn't have access to news sources. just for a few weeks at least. like where? like rehab! but she's not addicted to anything.

we can change that. oh, man, don't you just love alcohol? ahh... it's ok, i guess. have a drink yasmin. have a couple of drinks. have a bottle? no, thank you. hey, yasmin, don't you wanna do some gambling? lots of gambling? like excessive gambling? no. shopping?

no. questionable sexual activity? i don't think that it's questionable. pills? oh yes, pills? she likes pills, ken. yasmin, we believe that your love of pills - has become unhealthy. we want to help you address your problem before it becomes out of hand. we know a place where you can go to

recover. it's super discreet. we'll take you there now, and pick you up in a few months. wait, did you say pills? oh no, i thought you said bills. bills? yes, like men who are named bill. i said i like bills. because my neighbor's name is bill. and he fixed some light globes for me once. he's such a nice bill.

i feel like washing the cars again. anyone else? barbie, we can't go on. we've tried everything. the dream to keep this shameful secret hidden away from her forever is fading away like my dignity to summer of 73 when i woke up in a kiddie pool filled with jello in my own vomit . we have to think of something.

there is nothing else. yeasmin can move into the dream house permanently. no secret is worth that. we may have to keep this up until we die. or until she dies. oh, we can smother her with the pillow right now, it will be so easy. we couldn't. she wouldn't feel a thing, it will be peaceful. no barbie, we can't kill yasmin. what other

choices do we have? we can tell her. you're talking crazy. we haven't slept in 8 days, you're just losing your cool. barbie, it's time. she will kill us. oh, or maybe i'll kill her, accidentally, in self defence, i'll be acquitted for that easy! we're not killing yasmin. you are no fun. she's waking up. put the pillow down!

morning guys! what are you doing? yazmin, we need to talk. ok, what is it? first, i just want to say, you are amazing. oh, you are too honey. i think that sometimes in life people take things for granted and that people sometimes don't make any sense and they can

be stupid when they do things. are you saying i don't make sense? and you're stupid. no, no, i'm saying other people, not you, can do stupid things, because aggressive, sexually frustrated ex-lovers can be forceful and tempting. and sexy. and even though people have free will

to make choices. sometimes people don't always make the best choices at the time. what are you talking about? so the point are coming to maybe we should get you a glass of water first, because this may come as quite a shockto you. for mattel's sake ken rip the band-aid off already. yasmin, we've been having an affair. yes? and? what do you mean 'yes, and'? what is the thing you need to tell me?

we just told you that we've been havingcasual sex with each other behind your back since new years 2014. oh, but i know that already. what? how did you know? oh come on... i'm notblind, you sometimes have sex with each other while i'm still in the room. damn,thought we were doing that subtlely. you're not so good as subtle. you have a secretcupboard you labeled 'secret cupboard'. does everyone know about that? wait... why didn't you say anything? i thoughtthis was an open relationship. i've been having sex with other peoplefor years too. wait! what i feel shocked

and betrayed right now. me too! i've kept this woman entertained and housed for over a week now for no good reason. oh my goodness, you're right, i've been herefor so long. i totally forgot about the date i was meant to go on last night. the what?i'm gonna call and apologize and reschedule. don't worry kenny, it won't interfere with our date night we have planned for this saturday. i don't know what's happening anymore. ok! well! thanks forthis slumber party. i had a super weird time. by the way i meant to tell you wheni first came over,

cool sex tape! i like what you did withjug of sangria and the dirty linen hamper. keep up the good work! ok, bye. (singing) even when you're out in the clubdon't think i'm not... huh! i think i respect her now. thanks forwatching please subscribe for more

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