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no sexual desire

[music playing] well, hi, folks. laci green here. let's watch a movie! i watch documentaries a lot.

no sexual desire

thanks to a huge selection thati have on my netflix account. netflix is pretty amazing. it give you accessto tv and movies through the internet machine.

so check it out, to try it out for a month of free streaming. and let me know whatdocumentaries you're watching. last night i watched(a)sexual, which is a documentary that i've beenmeaning to watch for a while now. because i've heardgreat things about it. and it worked with afew people in the film. overall, i reallyenjoyed this film.

asexuality is prettymisunderstood. sexual people hear aboutit and they're like, what? you don't like sex? at all? that's crazy! but it's a real sexual, orrather asexual orientation. about 1% of theworld is asexual. these are people who don'texperience sexual attraction. period.

they don't want tohave sex with anyone. a good chunk of thefilm follows david jay, who was openly asexual andwas one of the first activists to try to organizeasexuals online. he's been really outspoken, he'sbeen on tv a number of times, raising awareness, and givingasexuals a place to belong. before the internet,there really wasn't a great way to connectto such a small community. and a lot of peoplefelt-- and many

continue to feel-- like there'ssomething wrong with them. they don't experiencesexual attraction. meanwhile, the entire worldis preoccupied with sex. i mean i can imaginethat could make a person feel likea real outsider. and it doesn't help thatasexuality apparently makes people reallyuncomfortable, confused, and even angry. there's one scene wherethe asexuality group visits

san francisco pride, thebastion of love, tolerance, and acceptance, right? nope! it was shocking to me howmany people were like, i don't support your lifestyle. there's somethingmessed up about that. close-minded comments thatthe queer community gets from straightpeople all the time, and yet they turnaround and spew it

at someone who isdifferent than them. clearly, navigating the worldof sexuals when you're asexual could be tough. and i like that the film givesa voice to those stories. one part of the film that ireally enjoyed, but also wish had been made alittle more clear is the difference betweena romantic orientation and sexual orientation. asexuals make thedistinction between the two

to accommodate thefact that they still need love and partnershipin their lives. and i think that theidea that romantic desire and sexual desire aredifferent, but often overlapping is somethingbeneficial to people of all sexual orientations. in the film, they interviewromantically oriented asexuals to talk about howit's 100% possible to have an intimate, romanticpartner that you

don't have sexual attraction to. so from a scientificperspective, asexuality isreally interesting. in the film, they talkabout a study debunking the idea that asexuals havean underlying sexual trauma or mental illness. just like some ofthe first studies that were done onhomosexuality, actually. everyone thoughtthat they were crazy.

turns out, asexualsaren't any different from the average person. could it be that asexualityis an evolutionary response to overpopulation? could it be hormonal? i mean, we know thatasexuality naturally occurs in someanimals in the wild. so we're hoping to catch upwith david jay, himself, soon and to talk about this endof the sexual spectrum.

so i'll keep you posted on that. and if you want towatch (a)sexual, you can watch it for freeon netflix by visiting

no sexual desire,and, hey, let meknow what you think i should watch next downin the comments below. thanks for joining me, friends. i'll see you next time!

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