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sexual desires of a woman

if this is what you want mm, come to daddy. maybe you don't want that, maybe somethinglike that. or you just want a man to really want you,then you are in the right place. my name is adam lodolce, founder of sexyconfidence.com,where i help the 21st century woman create

sexual desires of a woman

a love life that she absolutely loves. i'mgonna teach you exactly how to make any man want you. keep watching. now, desire is a really trick thing and sometimesyou really want a man so badly but you aren't sure how to make him really want you.

so here are 3 very potent and powerful strategiesthat will make any man's heart melt, including mine. so don't do this to me, because ihave a girlfriend. 1. the first one is the use of physical contact. by touching someone you're creating actuallya lot of sexual anticipation as well as it carries with it an added level of emotionalconnection in a relationship. little fun fact, but non human primates suchas monkeys actually spend as much as 10 to 20% of their entire day just grooming eachother, just touching each other. so to put this into perspective, we spendan average of 20% of our day texting, email, browsing the web, going on facebook.

what about youtube? leave youtube outta this. my point is, imagine if we spent even a fractionof that time through physical contact. guys would be pretty pumped, i think you'd probablybe pretty pumped yourself. listen, men are simply primates. we're all just primates.and we crave having that touch of a woman, so put down your ******* phone and go toucha dude. but not his **** unless you're in a committedrelationship. make him work to get that type of touch. 2. number two is be social. and if you'renot in a committed relationship, be out there meeting other guys.

there's a lot of research out there thatshows that the fear of loss of losing something is greater than the desire to gain something.so if he feels that he might lose you to someone else, he'll be much more likely to wantyou. in economics this is actually called loss aversion. basically what it's saying is that if ilost 100 dollars i'd be much more upset than i would be psyched if someone gave me100 dollars. so what does this mean for your dating life? no, don't pay men to be your boyfriend. no matter how lonely you get, don't everhire a gigolo.

what i'm actually saying is that there needsto be a potential to lose you. if he knows that you'll always want him, you'll alwaysbe there for him no matter what, through thick and thin, no matter what he does, even ifhe treats you like crap, then he's not going to act. he's not going to want to committo you, he's gonna go find someone who he needs to work for, who he needs to investhis emotion and his energy and his resources into. that's the type of person he's reallygonna want to commit to because he's not going to want to lose that person. if he knows that you're out there dating,maybe meeting other people, he'll be so much more likely to lock that shit down

and i'm not telling you to play games. youshould actually get out there, meet other people as well, because you're not in acommitted relationship. so go out there, meet other guys. because who knows, you might justfind someone better anyways who really wants to commit to you. 3. finally, be a little mysterious if you're on a first date, you do not haveto tell him your life story. so then, oh my god, when i turned 9 youwon't believe what happened. a little mystery will keep him engaged andinterested in the conversation, and he's gonna wanna solve that mysterious puzzle thatis you.

and, as always, don't forget to exude thatincredible happiness in your life whether you're with him or without him. becauseif you're fun, if you're happy, if you're positive without him being in your life, he'sgoing to want to bring you into his life because being around you will always be an incredibleexperience. so if you're really ready to make a manwant you and to connect with him on a deep level, go ahead and head on over to sexyconfidence.comor you can click on this link right here where you're gonna join my email list and youcan get all this incredible goodies where i'm gonna teach you about emotional attraction,how to meet men, how to connection with them, how to flirt with them, and teach you theinner workings of the male mind. and you can

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