Jumat, 28 April 2017

sexuality women

have you been feeling hot flashes lately?maybe you're a little bit moody? maybe you look in the mirror and you don't look likeyourself anymore. not like you used to when you were younger. hi, i'm virginia intelisano,a registered mental health intern with the state of florida, and i'm here to talk toyou about why women lose their libido. stress is one of the factors as to why women losetheir libido. stress can come from all different

sexuality women

areas in your life. if you are a mother andif you're a wife or holding a job, you can have stress from many different directions.that's why taking care of yourself with good diet and exercise to relieve that stress isimportant. also, older women experience hormonal changes. this comes with mood swings. thiscomes with fatigue, this comes with hot flashes.

as an older woman, we can go and see a doctorto relieve some of these issues. i spoke to

sexuality women,you a little bit about why women lose theirsex drive. now, if you have any other questions, i suggest that you go contact a local mentalhealth professional, or a doctor in your area to help you with this. believe me, your safetyand your sanity is imperative. have a great day.

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