Sabtu, 29 April 2017

urge for sex

so you know, ithink that there's few things more primal thanthe urge to communicate, the pull towards intimacy,towards merger with the other, a way of almostsmashing, or isolating, and debilitating senseof individuation.

urge for sex

we feel so separate fromeverything and everyone, so alienated from ourselvesand from other people. and this urge to communicate--or as terence mckenna says, this urge to language--is an ecstatic activity

of signification. it is a way of saying weare here and we exist. it is a way of affirmingour own existence. and through these developingcommunication technologies that started with crudegrunts as early hominids that evolved into language andecstatic cave paintings that eventually evolved intothe alphabet and writing, it was this urge to telepathy,to experience a technologically mediated telepathy,to share minds,

to share mind spaceswith one another; and this is known bydavid [? porish ?] as intersubjectivity and theecstasy of communication. intersubjectivity, like twostrands of dna, human beings, get coiled up in oneanother when they have sex, when they proclaim theirlove with language, when they take pictures and makeecstatic paintings and compose songs to put each otherin one another's world. perhaps the cinema isthe best technology

thus far to allow us toshare dream spaces together. but this urge tomerge ultimately is about a desire for intimacy. it's a cry. it's a manic,existential agitation, a desire to become one.

urge for sex,that is its origin. that is where it comes from. we are travelers,[? hermonauts, ?] in search

that, that is our condition.

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